Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thank You, Elizabeth Setren

Hi Elizabeth,

I hear you've recently completed a paper on how well Boston charter schools are doing with English Language Learners (ELL's) That's so great.

I've looked at some Boston charter school ELL population percentages. I didn't know they (Boston charters) actually did a better job educating ELL's though. Thank you so much for pointing that out.

One thing I do wonder about is... how can a school that has a lottery entry system (like the one Brooke Charter, Roslindale has) have so few English language learners, year after year after year? Something seems a little tiny bit oddly strange here. Am I right? Probably just luck. No way of knowing.

Something else I've looked at, the horrendous attrition of Bostons charter schools.... (75% for Boston Prep Charter)

More here -> http://bit.ly/1OStjgJ

Funny, with the horrendous attrition of Boston charter schools, so many, many, children leaving, it's hardly surprising that a higher percentage of BPS children actually make it through high school and go on to college. 

All of this used to make me wonder why BPS is paying $122 million a year (nearly $1 million per BPS school) to these Boston charter schools that seem to be little more than spin, and nothing much more then a scam. Now I know. The fact that my daughters Boston public school has had to go to "Donors Choose" for pencils makes sense now.

Thanks again for pointing out how well the charter schools in Boston are doing with ELL students. So awesome. 

BPS Dad,
John Lerner